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Trekking outstation trip: Exposure elements

The trekking outstation trip brought in some distinct exposures to participants.

Luggage packing: This trip was different from other outstation trips – each one of us had to carry our own luggage through the trek (no wheel bags, no transport vehicles). Probably this was one of the best opportunities for each one to reflect on the luggage they carried. Were they aware of it while packing? Did they ignore/heed suggestions by outstation committee? Did they pack themselves? If support was taken from parents for packing luggage, were they aware of what all was packed and was it packed in a way that things can be spotted and accessed easily? Did they understand the need of carrying minimal luggage from the experience of practice treks?

Living in a place with constraints: Bhattaramane was the only place of accommodation (apart from forest office where one can stay in own tent) at the midpoint of our trek. It had minimal facilities and was not maintained well – probably every effort requires manual transport of stuff through trek way only. The food provided was of minimal variety (rice, sambar, buttermilk, pickle most of the times). Few participants were not fine with toilet condition – they chose open defecation way. It had mud flooring with cow dung surface. We just got tarpaulin sheet to spread on it and we chose to sleep in our sleeping bags on tarpaulin sheets. No mobile network in the vicinity. Electricity supply was not available during daytime. There was only one charging point! We stayed in this house for two days. There was no cribbing around the facilities available. Majority of participants seemed clear about their goal and focus was only on the trek and reaching the peak.

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