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Democracy at BeMe


BeMe is a democratic environment. To implement democracy, BeMe has created two platforms in the form of meetings: Parliament and Vichar Vimarsh

Parliament :
Every quarter start with formation of various committees for different areas like: Resource, Judiciary, maintenance, events etc. Children, facilitators and support staff choose the committee as per their interest. Each committee consists of four to five members. Each committee owns responsibility of one area. As soon as the committees are formed, they look into the scope of their selected work area. They come with their action plan along with rules. Each committee present their proposal, for that quarter. Through discussion and voting, everyone comes to a mutual understanding. Each one gets one vote on all matters. Weekly meeting platform is first used to form committees and later to review, share and present work of different committees.


Vichar Vimarsh:
Vichar Vimarsh is a platform to review learning environment and different systems at BeMe. Inputs, changes and new ideas are contemplated through open discussion to arrive at mutual understanding. If open discussion does not converge, then decision is made through voting.

Vichar Vimarsh happens half yearly. This meeting is attended by children, parents and facilitators.

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