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Individual needs and aspirations Vs Team needs and aspirations

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

13 BeMeians trekked to Kumara Parvatha last week. This outstation trip was relatively relaxed w.r.t schedule. We got some good amount of time for reflection on each day of the trip. During the reflection meetings, one aspect that came up strongly was about upsets many children went through – slow pace if stayed in the group, feeling of being left out when others move at faster pace, group speed being slowed down due to few people carrying heavy luggage etc. This meant there were different needs at individual and group level. Group needs: To stay together, to take care of the safety of each other, to take care of fellow trekkers who needed support to keep up with the group pace – physical support, emotional support etc. Individual needs: To reach the destination (Bhattaramane, peak) and return as fast as possible. To be able to reach the destination safely, to stay in the company of someone for comfort & safety etc.

Despite the upsets, frustrations it was evident that each one tried their best to support needs of others and group in their own way – giving listening ears for those who like talking while walking, carrying part of other’s luggage so that the other person can walk faster, letting fast trekkers go at their pace, lending shoulders to cry on etc. We think this is the best synergy that can be achieved. And we think the synergy level has gone a notch up since the cycling trip last year.

Isn’t this the same scenario in case of families and corporate project teams as well? On one hand each of us of have our individual needs & aspirations and on the other hand, there are family/company needs & aspirations. How best can we balance needs & aspirations of both parties?

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