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BeMe is an open school based in Bangalore, where children direct their own learning.It is an effort to create a stimulating, free and democratic environment for children aged 3-16 years.

BeMe environment contains elements like activity corner, electives, curiosity corner, expression circle, skill workshops, etc. However what to do, how to do, how much to do and with whom to do, is entirely the decision of child. This is applicable for child of any age, from the first day at BeMe. We believe that through this process of self learning, children develop the ability to decide for themselves, collect the resources, seek for help, experience variety of feelings and reflect.


Democratic environment helps children speak for themselves, allows them to judge, evaluate different options and derive their own learning. Voting based decision making process gives experience of being in majority as well as minority and learn to manage self in those situations. Free and safe environment gives them space to understand self and remain self.


BeMe Premises is primarily an incubation space. Once child discerns the independent learner in himself/herself, the premises becomes a mere anchor, and the universe becomes the classroom.  


We deeply feel that this kind of environment prepares child to be a responsible, open minded, self aware and confident individual. We also believe that this kind of environment equips children to face challenges of life as they experience, observe and live life in its real form.

Learning Groups


Children aged 3 to 5 years. Children in this age group explore the world using all their seneses. They are constantly busy making meaning of the world around. We provide least structure for this age group. They freely move around in the environment with a very few pre-planned activities. We focus on free movement, play, tactile resources, open ended exploration and self led engangement. After admission, they settle in environment gradually at their comfort with the help of parent and facltitator. We do not encourge rushed mornings for this age group. It is important for them to finish their morning chores with peace. We do not force children to sit at one place or engage them in reading, writing and other activities. Like any other skills (e.g. walking, talking in mother tounge etc.) we fully trust that children do learn reading, writing on thier own from environement, once they see a need. We believe in nurturing their natural curiosity and sense of wonder and allowing them to learn at their pace..


Children aged 6 to 12. Children in this group are explorers. Emphasis is on children figuring out avenues for themselves from environement. They experiement with different learnig styles, day flow, projects, etc. In the process, chidlren discover their interests, learning process, strengths and weaknesses. Emphasis is also on providing non judgemental environment where they can try out various things and develop thier understadning about self in various contexts. They plan their day. We offer elective courses – skill based and knowledge based. The children have full freedom to sign up or opt out. The electives are focused and objective driven. The electives are designed and delivered by an expert (BeMe faculty or external expert or a parent or a BeMe child). We have learning corners where resources and resource person is available which can be accessed as and when needed by the child. Children and faciliattors often come toghether to form a club to explore similar intersts in thier own way. Multiple projects can be carried out by a child to go into depth in the ares of his/her interest. Self led learning is what we envison for children in this age group. We believe that this kind of environemnt will help them discover self directed learner within them.


Children aged 13 to 15. They either start preparing for formal exam (10th standard) to pursue further studies later OR start going through series of internships to merge into the field of thier interest. BeMe provides the necessary scaffolding to the child as child prepares for 10th standard exam or explores interest intensly through internships.

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